Embedded with Radio Frequency Data transfer technology, The Ideal Card will trigger an “Add to Contacts” action when tapped against a compatible Smartphone, such as an iPhone or Samsung Galaxy device. There are hundreds of compatible smartphones and you can view an exhaustive list of them below.

You can transfer details such as your Name, Company Name, Email Address, Phone Number, Website Link, Address & much more with just a single tap. No Special Apps Required.

For older iPhone models, an app, such as the QR Reader app in the App Store, is required to detect the card. The iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR do not require an app to detect the card.

Your Ideal Card profile can be used to share your logo/profile picture, website, music playlist, video playlist, portfolio, mobile app, YouTube page, Instagram page, Snapchat page, Pinterest page, Facebook profile, or any other web based medium you have.

Intelligent business transfer is the new medium in direct contact. Your first impression is worth a million dollars in recurring business in todays work. Get in touch with us to discuss options.