Great Startups need some help in the beginning. 5 reasons you should not overlook important fundamentals from 69 Cards Co.

Your business is unique. The importance of getting started right is key to the survival of your business. 69 Cards helps business owners achieve great results with superior design and product integration.

What if you never got started? The fear surrounding cost and ongoing expenses are important to consider when opening a business. The reality of good business principles and access to knowledge is key to future success. A lot of business owners stop before they start. Just remember, you can start a business idea with a conversation. My name is Atom Miller and I take your business goals to heart. I would love to discuss your business goals and see where I can fit in. 69 Cards has a very unique approach to your design elements. Careful thoughts and consideration go into your business goals and we can’t wait to hear what is next for you.

The Startup Process

At 69 Cards we value your startup process. When starting a new business we know you can go with value printing companies, like Vista Print. Did you know the average quality of the imagining is often times below 150DPI (dots per inch) You may not care about the quality however, if you do you might want a fully customized design. Check out the difference below. The business card offers 300DPI print as a minimum standard. This creates a better viewing experience. Often times when you are designing with Vista Print, there is no one to tell you that your text is too small and the print resolution is not strong enough. You get what you pay for there.

The imaging below represents the standard upload tool for Vista Print. Please review the noticeable differences.