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Social Media Marketing is tricky. If you want mediocre results.... and we don't right???🤬we will do a couple of Facebook ads that don't pertain to your proximity and we won't track and gather emails for your ongoing informational purposes so that we can cross-market them in future ads. Are you getting what I am putting down here? Good! If I haven't been clear call me, 702-996-5775. The call will come directly to me and we will dance the night away with information related to what your company needs are. What is important to me is that we have trust and your company does well related to our plan together. Let's get down to brass tax, the stuff you want to know about getting your word out. Some businesses like restaurants are always trying to figure out how to increase volume and the check average to raise the margin of profitability for their companies. On the other hand, service-based businesses are looking for people to purchase a service that helps them make their lives more simple. I am a service-based company in this comparison. I offer both products and services to get the word out for your product based line.

Custom content is best for many reasons. It is important to engage your customers. Right here and now, I will give you the top five reasons that I am driven and my customers are happy. 

  1. I have a clear message. Say what you want to say and be clear about what is important for your potential customers to take away.
  2. Get in touch with your inner biggest reasons for doing what you do for a living. Be passionate or change what you do. Have an eagerness for your client's needs and show them you care.
  3. Have fun and have fun with your customers. Relate to what their experience "best encounter" would look like. If you haven't asked your friends and family and polled the internet to ask people opinions of what your business practices are then you are leaving money on the table. Get information about the best in the field and what is working for them.
  4. I love my customers and I have a policy that my customers add value to my company and that they expand my knowledge of my craft. Often in my business, the customer is not always right but I don't make them feel that way and it is important. Business between a company and a person should be a good relationship. Ask yourself what kind of relationship do you want to be in and cultivate them.
  5. Be professional. Your customer will seek you out based on your reputation. They will ignore those that have a bad review. Trust me I have had all types of clients and as I grew as a business owner I start to collect artifacts that pointed out that I could have been more clear to my potential customers. Your customers deserve to be treated with respect and it is also important to have good communication and understanding of the task or list of tasks at hand.

Bring your best to your clients and don't just go through the motions with them. They can see it a mile away. Find creative insight to help your customers have great results with their business and proposition for their potential customers.

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