Social Media Marketing is tricky. If you want mediocre results…. and we don’t right???🤬we will do a couple of Facebook ads that don’t pertain to your proximity and we won’t track and gather emails for your ongoing informational purposes so that we can cross-market them in future ads. Are you getting what I am putting down here? Good! If I haven’t been clear call me, 702-996-5775. The call will come directly to me and we will dance the night away with information related to what your company needs are. What is important to me is that we have trust and your company does well relatedRead More →

Did you know that typically discount wholesalers print your media between 72dpi and 150 dpi? The quality compromise is not worth saving .03 per card wether you’re printing business cards or other print media. Get the right information by calling us today. Our artwork for business cards is always included in our price of $69 for 1000 and that will never change. If you want quality artwork with exemplary design, give us a call at 702-996-5775. We look forward to speaking with you.Read More →